Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer


Weight: 0.1500 KG

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2ml/3ml e-juice capacity
Supports GT M 0.6ohm coil, GT 1.2ohm coil
Top filling solution.

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    Eleaf iJust Mini Vape Atomizer

    Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer Details

    Brand: Eleaf
    Product Name: iJust Mini Atomizer
    SKU: ISTICK018000
    Type: Atomizer
    Launched Time: 7/2/2019

    About Eleaf iJust Mini Tank

    iJust Mini Tank is compatible with iJust Mini Kit. It comes with 2ml/3ml e-juice capacity and easy top filling. Equipped with the GT M 0.6ohm coil and GT 1.2ohm coil that are thread-free, It is very easy to install. There are two airflows system and the airflow inlet slot, just twist the atomizer base to obtain the optimal vapor. Besides, iJust Mini Tank can automatically close the e-juice inlet when the coil is pulled, so the coil replacement can be achieved even when the tank is full.

    Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer Colors

    Parameter of Eleaf iJust Mini Vape Tank

    Size: 22mm*51mm (2ml) /27mm*51mm (3ml)
    Liquid Capacity: 2ml/3ml
    Coil Type: GT M 0.6ohm Head, GT 1.2ohm Head
    Filling Type: Top filiing
    Colors: Black, Dazzling, Green, Gunmetal, Red, Silver

    Features of iJust Mini Atomizer

    1. Supports GT Coils that are thread-free, easy to install.
    2. An easy top solution with a lock system.
    3. Automatically closes the e-juice inlet when the coil is pulled
    4. Airflow inlet slot for the great optimal vapor.

    Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer Over View

    Package of iJust Mini Tank Childproof Version

    1* iJust Mini Atomizer (2ml/3ml)
    1* GT M 0.6ohm Head
    1* GT 1.2ohm Head
    1* User Manual
    Spare Parts

    Package of iJust Mini Tank Basic Version

    1* iJust Mini Atomizer (2ml/3ml)
    1* GT M 0.6ohm Head
    1* User Manual

    Guarantee of Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer

    6 months Guarantee for iJust Mini Atomizer

Money Back Guarantee+Perfect Gift