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Have had the istick for a week and love it so far. Was using a 1100 mah ego battery before, it would only last a couple hours for my frequent vaping. The istick lasts an entire day, and I can still use it at night since its got the pass thru charging. Thee buttons rattle a bit, but the whole device is well made. No complaints, wish I had gotten it sooner.

Llamas - Des Moines, IA

Reviews from Llamas

The Eleaf iStick is an amazing mod. I have an Aspire Nautilus tank on it. The iStick is a little small, and the Nautilus hangs off a little bit, but that is a small issue. The only issue that I have is that the iStick seems a little overpowered compared to my Vision Spinner 2. I was vaping at 4.3v on my Spinner 2 and I am at the lowest voltage and wattage that the iStick will allow and it still seems like the hit is harsh.

Foster - New York, NY

Reviews from Foster

The reason I never bothered with box mods before is that they were always uncomfortably large for my hands. The size of the iStick is remarkably smaller than other box mods I’ve seen, and that alone made it appealing to me. The iStick fits easily in the palm of my hand, giving me a long-lasting stealth mod loaded with modern features that I can hold onto in comfort.

Martin- Riverside, CA

Reviews from Martin

Well, it is if you’re looking for a small, pocket-sized box mod and you want the latest features and safety precautions with it then yes, you couldn’t go wrong with it. There are other box mods that offer variable voltage and/or variable wattage, but only the iStick offers all that and 2200mAh battery life… in a box smaller than a deck of cards. For vapers looking for a state of the art box mod I highly recommend the iStick

Carol - Miami, FL

Reviews from Carol

Nice battery. I don't have much to compare it to, being a vape virgin and all - but it's nice looking, is well made and seems to be holding its charge very well. The battery with the nautilus mini work very well together, but I carry around my smaller vape for public vaping.

Tony - Des Moines, IA

Reviews from Tony
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