iStick 20W & 30W Silicone Case

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1. Fit for iStick 20W / 30W
2. Silicone Rubber
3. Four Colors

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    Product Introduction

    Brand: Eleaf
    Product Name: iStick 20W & 30W Silicone Case
    SKU: ISTICK008600
    Type Accessory
    Launched Time: March 17, 2015
    Staute: In Stock

    Silicone Case for iStick 20W / 30W Battery, a practical battery body protection case. It fits well with both iStick 20W and 30W istick battery. ELeaf now design a new kind of silicone case, in order to protect iStick from normal wear and tear. It is more comfortable and more economical. All the corresponding button positions are marked correctly so one can adjust iStick easily without taking it out of the case. There are four colors for your choice: black, white, hot pink and blue.

    Package comes with锛

    1 x Silicone Case for iStick 20W/30W Battery


    Material: Silicone Rubber
    Quantity: 1 pc
    Colors available: blue, black, pink, white

     istick silicone case

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