Tapered Acrylic Tube 5pcs


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1. 5.5ml e-juice capacity
2. Fit for ELLO Duro Atomizer
3. Easy to clean and replace

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    Tapered Acrylic Tube

    Brand: Eleaf
    Product Name: Tapered Acrylic Tube
    SKU: STICK015000
    Type: Accessory / Tube
    Launched Time: March 1, 2019

    About Eleaf Tapered Acrylic Tube

    Eleaf Tapered Acrylic Tube is compatible with Eleaf ELLO Duro Atomizer/ Eleaf iJust 21700 Kit, having 5.5ml e-juice capacity, easy to clean and replace. Dazzling, Purple Blue, Silver, Black, Red are available.

    Parameters of Eleaf ELLO Duro Tapered Acrylic Tube

    Fit for:ELLO Duro Atomizer, iJust 21700 Kit

    Features of Eleaf ELLO Duro Replacement Tapered Acrylic Tube

    1. Five colors: Silver, Dazzling, Purple Blue, Red, Black
    2. Compatible with Eleaf ELLO Duro Atomizer, Eleaf iJust 21700 Kit
    3. Easy to clean and replace
    4. 5.5ml e-juice capacity

    Package Comes With

    1 x 5pcs Replacement Tapered Acrylic Tube for Eleaf ELLO Duro

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