iWũ Cartridge 5pcs

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1. 2ml e-liquid capacity
2. Leakage-free side-fill solution
3. 1.3ohm coil

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    iWũ Cartridge

    Brand: Eleaf
    Product Name: iWũ Cartridge
    SKU: ISTICK013300
    Type: Accessories
    Launched Time: August 2, 2018

    About iWũ Cartridge

    Eleaf iWũ Cartridge with 2ml capacity, features innovative and leakage-free side-fill solution that makes refill become easier and faster than ever. It is optimized for nicotine salts especially using the 1.3ohm coil contained within the pod. It is designed for iWũ kit.

    Parameter of iWũ Cartridge

    Color: Black
    Size: 28mm*11.5mm*31.5mm
    Coil resistance: 1.3Ω
    E-juice capacity: 2ml
    Weight: 5.92g

    Features of iWũ Cartridge

    1. 2ml e-liquid capacity.
    2. Innovative and leakage-free side-fill solution.
    3. Optimized for nicotine salts especially using the 1.3ohm coil.

    Package of iWũ Cartridge

    1 x Eleaf iWũ Cartridge

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